Humpback action in the inlet …

Port Alice 105 (2) (1280x854)whale 027 (3) (1280x854)

whale 013 (2) (1280x855)

Photographs by Darrell McIntosh

River Otters can be seen frequently along the shoreline …

photographs by Darrell McIntosh


HUMPBACK WHALE Neurotsos Inlet 2015

photograph by Regan Hickling of RUMBLE BEACH FISHING CHARTER

camera jan2016 1020





John Bolton of JC PACIFIC CHARTERS holds up spot prawns caught in Neurotsos Inlet Christmas 2015

salmon pink, coho, sockeye (spawning salmon)

photographs Allen Mohler spawning Salmon September 2015 Cayuse Creek

darrells photos from thumbdrive 180

Harbour seals photograph by Darrell McIntosh

dungeness crab Port Alice 255 (1280x854)

halibut, ling cod, red snapper are commonly caught by fishermen here


photographs by Gloria Herculson

schooling fish include ?DSC09440

jelly fish

sea lions (stellars and california which are more common)

sea otters

6 fin sharks