Kayaking is very popular in Port Alice

Port Alice in located on the shores of Neurotsos Inlet, which stretches 20 kilometers from its head to Quatsino Sound.  Kayakers can spend hours exploring the inlet, poking around the small islands and ducking into small coves to observe the many varieties of wildlife in the area.  Harbour seals, sea lions, river otters and sea otters will pop up to watch as you paddle along, and eagles will track your progress from their lofty perches.  Along the shoreline you can spot bears and deer, and on some days humpback whales and orcas make your paddling adventure truly special.

Darrell's kayak on Frigon Islet
Kayak on Frigon Islet          photograph by Darrell McIntosh

There are a number of places you can launch your kayak – at Lion’s Park, the Port Alice’s Rumble Beach Marina, Dawson’s Landing and Jeune Landing.  Mornings are a good time to get started, as the inlet is usually calm.  In the summer the inflow winds come up around noon, so it is best to paddle (north) down the inlet in the morning and come (south) back with the wind in the afternoon.
Because Port Alice is blessed with a mild climate, the local kayakers paddle year-round.  There is always something to see – wildlife, tugboats towing log booms, the dry land sort, sports fishers and people pulling their crab and prawn traps.

article contributed by P.Steele

photographs by P.Steele

Port Alice 369 (1280x850)

putting in at Beaver Lake              photograph by Darrell McIntosh

good old fashioned Canadian canoeing is also popular in the Port Alice waters

photographs by Susan Mohler

local kayakers we know and love … RonaLee, Polly, Ian, Darrell, Trish and Darren, Beth Lynn & James… hey guys let’s get together and have an event … maybe a kayaker’s picnic on the islets or a group trip to Gooding Cove

Debra Lynn’s kayaking blog at tells you all about it !!!

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Whales frequent the waters of the Neurotsos Inlet & Quatsino Sound. Watch for whales BLOWING & avoid a vessel strike by SLOWING !

“For more information on avoiding vessel strike for the sake of boater and whale safety, click here”