YACHT CLUB terms & conditions

Port Alice Yacht Club Terms and Conditions


President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Yardmaster and Four Yard Captains

  Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a one-year term.


Members must own property in the Port Alice Area or rent their primary residence here full-time.  Renters may apply for membership after six months.  Verification may be required.

For new members there is a once-only initiation fee of $100.00.  Membership fees are $60.00 annually.  Please be aware that membership does not guarantee moorage space, as there are fewer spaces available than there are members.

Our limited spaces are assigned to members on a seniority basis.  When space becomes available it will be assigned to the next person on the seniority list, if his/her boat fits the space. If not, the space will be assigned by the Yardmaster.  Every effort will be made to accommodate all members.  Members should understand that, while spaces are assigned to individuals, they remain the property of the Yacht Club.

Un-used space may be assigned on a seniority/length basis.  Holders of un-used spaces will be notified by the Yardmaster, and should that member require it he/she will notify the Yardmaster 24 hours in advance.  Members who participate in these arrangements must provide telephone numbers where they can be contacted in a timely fashion.

Membership includes all family members living full-time in the member’s residence.  Members under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on club property.
One family member not living full time in the member’s residence may, for an annual fee of $100.00, be granted associate membership.

Moorage Fees

Members with assigned space: $0.50 per foot per month x 12

Members without assigned space: $10.00 per day until maximum moorage (see above) reached.

Electrical hook-up is $4.00 per day or $40.00 per month

Boat length determination: boat length includes pulpit, bowsprit, swim platform, motor over-hang plus six feet manoeuvring room.

Membership and moorage fees are from April 1 to March 31.  Dues and fees are due by April 30.  If not paid by May 31 membership will be cancelled and moorage spot reassigned. It is your duty to keep the Club informed of telephone or address changes.

To identify boats a number system is being introduced.  Members will be given PAYC decals to be affixed in a visible spot (windshield, hull, cabin-side, etc.).  The numbers on the decals will be assigned in order of seniority.  Retired numbers will not be re-used, and members with more than one boat will be issued with the same number for each boat.  Moorage is restricted to one boat per member at any given time.

No non-member boats will be allowed moorage.

Repairs and Maintenance

The club is maintained by members and work parties are held from late spring to early summer, usually on Monday evenings.  Support your club and come out and help.

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