current WEATHER forecast

iphone pictures nov 2015 807Summers are delightful and sunny with cooling breezes springing most afternoons off the water. Spectacular sunsets at the north end of the inlet are often seen. Gardens will be filled with flowers that began in January and will continue well into November.

With Port Alice being situated in an inlet on the North Vancouver Island Coast the weather is generally moderate, mostly mild and typical of temperate rainforest weather with generous amounts of rainfall, mist and fog throughout the winter months of December and January. Cooler temperatures, but still usually above zero, will linger into February and maybe March but not so low as to prevent flowering snow cherries in January and the spring bulbs all flowering shortly thereafter crocuses, daffodils, tulips are everywhere in the early new year.jan fowers.jpg

Snow can be seen on the peeks through the “winter” months but rarely does it fall in town. snow mountains.jpg

Unlike Port Hardy and Port McNeill, Port Alice enjoys the sheltering effect of the mountains surrounding the inlet so that heavy cold “off the water” winds are rare.

In 2015 at the end of December we had a week or two of colder temperatures that allowed freshwater ice to form on the inlet surface. This is very rare and stories abound of skating and tobogganing out onto the ice in the late 60s!

frozen geese.jpg