port alice locals 010The Thrift Shop is located in the port alice locals 011Seaview Activity Centre 901 Marine Drive, where more than 16 volunteers have raised over $81,000 since 2003!!!! All without the formality of ever organizing themselves as a non-profit society! Proceeds go toward a number of valuable and diverse projects and programs throughout the calendar year and throughout the village. They include projects like the picnic table area built outside the Port Alice Public Library. Most recently the 16 Thrift Shop ladies Wendy, Theresa, Bev, Emily, Cathy, Gail … have dedicated their $$$ efforts towards setting up the new Breakfast Program and HOT Lunch Program at Sea View School. Updating and refurbishing the Emergency Kits there is next on the list of needs being met, a community wide wish list of needs which continues to grow.

Proceeds from the sale of books in the book corner are dedicated to the SPCA.

In Ocotober 2015 the LIONS recognized a growing need and initiated the establishment of the Port Alice Food Bank which the Thrift Shop volunteers now run in the space adjacent to the Thrift Shop in Seaview Activity Centre.

Emily who primarily oversees this effort says “its only 4 hours, 3 times a week…that’s only 12 hours all together, its nothing!” Much needed support and donations of food come from the community as well as the LIONS, and Thrift shop who provide additional Food Vouchers (FP Foods) where and when necessary. Cash donations help to cover the “account” at FP Foods.

above written with content generously provided by the ladies …

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Since August 2003, the Port Alice Thrift Shop has been quietly helping the community by providing low-cost, quality merchandise and using the proceeds to finance many services, events, and projects on the North Island.  There are 16 volunteers who keep the Thrift Shop stocked, organized, and clean, and make it a friendly place to visit.

The small store is packed with a diverse selection of quality clothing, accessories, housewares, books, toys, DVDs and CDs.

Over its 13 year history, the volunteer-run shop has donated $86,200.00.  Each year, the funds help to sponsor the Sea View Elementary Jr. Secondary School breakfast club and their earthquake relief food hamper, the community breakfast with Santa, the ladies dessert night, the seniors Christmas dinner, and also awards bursaries to Port Alice students heading for post-secondary education.

It regularly contributes to the Harvest Food Bank, the North Island Gazette Hamper Fund, and the Salvation Army, and specifically directs book sale proceeds to the SPCA.

Some years the group has sponsored a specific project, like a new picnic table by the library, or a blood pressure machine at the Port Alice Health Centre, and has provided emergency funds for local people who have to travel long distances for medical treatment.

This year, due to the unemployment situation, we will be assisting the residents by donating to the local food bank and providing vouchers for the purchase of perishables from our local grocery store.

To shop, or to donate clean items in good condition, visit the store at the Sea View Activity Centre, 901 Marine Drive, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  OR  just drop by to say “Hi”!

…..updated from a previously published article in the North Island Gazette

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