Why Choose Port Alice to Retire?

I was teaching in Northern Manitoba when I first started thinking about a place to retire.  Those of you who have experienced winter in the Prairie Provinces will understand why I choose the coast of British Columbia.  I had lived on Vancouver Island before, but suspected that the cost of real estate on the island would be prohibitive, so I did a Google search for affordable real estate in all of British Columbia.  I was surprised, and encouraged, when Port Alice popped up in the search.  I was also very surprised at the number of affordable listings.  I had never been to Port Alice, so did a further Google search for the village and liked what I saw.

During my summer vacation I travelled to Port Alice, where I had arranged to meet the real estate agent for the listings that interested me.  As soon as I rounded the corner by Jeune Landing and saw the Inlet spread out before me, I knew that I was on to something.  This feeling grew as I got a look at the village – the lovely tree-lined streets, the green spaces, the well-kept homes and gardens, and especially the sea.

I looked at a number of homes for sale and by the next day I owned one.  I have been living here for seven years now and love it here.  I am home.

Since moving here I have heard very much the same story from a number of people who chose this lovely village for their retirement home.  So many of them have said the same thing – “As soon as I (we) came around that corner I knew I wanted to live here.”  Some retirees to Port Alice did extensive research before choosing Port Alice and some came upon the village almost by accident, but they all said the same thing.  This place ticks all the boxes – beauty, the great fishing, the proximity to wilderness, the peace and quiet, the friendliness of the people, the opportunity for outdoor recreation, particularly on the water, and the affordability.  Some retirees live here year-round, and some find that Port Alice is the perfect home base for snowbirds who spend part of the winter in more exotic climes.

As the Lower Mainland and the Southern part of Vancouver Island become more and more expensive and congested I suspect that we will see more retirees choosing to relocate to Port Alice.

Kindly submitted by Pauline Steele

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