Raft Cove is a secluded and very private beach accessible by a rough trail from the Ronning Main logging road. It’s just east of the Cape Palmerston recreation site which is not currently accessible due to a bridge washout.  Raft Cove is also a “Provincial Marine Park” and accessible by water from the Pacific Ocean itself via Quatsino Sound.

Beach at Raft Cove

Entrance to Raft Cove

Beach at Raft Cove

photographs by Darrell Macintosh

surfing at Raft Cove is for the serious adventure seeker …


The Macjack River flows out into the cove and limited canoe/kayak access is possible from the Raft Main logging road. Beachcombing is rewarding and winter storm watching is breathtaking from this beach.

FEATURE photograph by Darrell Macintosh