Walking and hiking on area trails is a popular activity for locals and visitors alike.

Right in the town of Port Alice are two well used walking and hiking trail options the SEAWALK and the DIKE TRAILS. With so much spectacular scenery around … park benches and picnic tables dot the village where views are best. Most neighbouring communities also offer in town walking trails, boardwalks and seawalks.

Many WILDERNESS HIKING TRAILS are also accessed by locals and visitors in the region, most within an hour or two of Port Alice on logging roads and many easily done as day trips. Fabulous VIEWPOINTS are accessible from area roads, logging roads and trails.

Relatively easily accessible KARST TOPOGRAPHY FEATURES attract the curious explorer from far and away, Devil’s Bath and Eternal Fountain are two local area favorites.

POINTS OF INTEREST include numerous old mines, generating stations and dams, fish hatcheries and fish ladders…

lookout quatsino sound A.jpg

Lookout over Quatsino Sound from the Neurotsos Main logging road, several “top of the world” pullouts are available and one or two firepits have been built there by locals …

for more serious hiking and climbing of local peaks visit





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