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Boating and boat launches and boat touring and boat charters …

Boating is a popular activity for Port Alice residents and visitors,  Port Alice marina offers a public boat launch which is always in popular demand. Many area lakes also provide boat launch facilities including Alice Lake @ Marble River and Alice Lake @ Link River, Victoria Lake @ Spruce Bay.

Spruce Bay 109 (2) (1280x552).jpg

Boating Spruce Bay, Photograph by Darrell McIntosh

Early Morning Boating & Boat Launch by JC Pacific Charters, Photograph by Susan Mohler

Boat Touring in the Neurotsos Inlet, Quatsino Sound, Holberg Inlet and Rupert Inlet leads explorers to new friends and many wonderful discoveries, sheltered coves, historic ruins, and wildlife…

photographs of Drake Island by RonaLee Syme

see also Jeune Landing (formerly the  Government Wharf)

Marked Mid, MARINE FUEL deliveries available at Rumble Beach Marina and Jeune Landing/Government Wharf  … for delivery PORT ALICE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS

Boat Charters by Rumble Beach Charters & JC PACIFIC CHARTERS

Canoeing & Kayaking



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Whales frequent the waters of the Neurotsos Inlet & Quatsino Sound. Watch for whales BLOWING & avoid a vessel strike by SLOWING !

“For more information on avoiding vessel strike for the sake of boater and whale safety, click here”