RCM Search & Rescue, Unit 43, Port Alice

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue,Unit 43,

Port Alice

This is a volunteer organization which was formerly known as the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary. These volunteers must achieve a level of training and competency (boating safety and rescue/first aid) dictated by the governing body of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue.  They must ensure their equipment (including the Rigid Hull Inflatable Rescue boat) is in good working order at all times. They attend weekly training and practices to ensure they are prepared to meet any challenge that may arise.  They periodically attend weekend training to upgrade skills. They must be ready and available on a 24 hour/365 day basis.

photographs by Brian Eyford

The October 2010 “Compass” newsletter COMPASS OCT 2010 features an article which focuses on the Port Alice Crew’s response to the State of Emergency following the mud slide.

submitted by Valerie Eyford

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DSC05912photograph by Susan Mohler


photograph by Susan Mohler

FEATURE photograph by Brian Eyford