AIA 2016

you can read about our initial  brainstorming session in review  After a few meetings our early initiatives  in 2016 began to take  shape …

  1. developing, maintaining, enhancing and promoting area trails, possibly a new trail to the 2010 slide site
  2. promoting and marketing Port Alice to newcomers including retirees, families, and possibly refugees
  3. community garden projects, possibly in collaboration with SEA VIEW school
  4. developing marketing and promotional materials including  this website, comprehensive real estate information, etc.
  5. tourism and small business development initiatives are being explored as well

… join us with new ideas, with enthusiasm and support, to get involved with one of the groups mentioned above or a new initiative you feel strongly about …everyone is welcome…

and then we recessed for the summer in June –  AIA 6 month review June 2016

Alice in Action- in the news ….Trish Weatherall, local journalist, writes an article covering the inaugural meeting of Alice in Action reprinted with permission from the North Island Gazette Alice in Action