up to date tourist information as wells as access to archives can be found at the Heritage Centre on Marine Drive  DSC05949

jeune landing

norseman 695 crash 1944 … find this memorial at the south end of the SEAWALK and a DSC05953writeup about the event is included in this article you can link to in the North Island Gazette






logging camps & communities  (Mahatta River)


the mill

homesteaders in the area (Bland homestead???)

Drake Island homesteads, Photographs by RonaLee Syme

Heritage room and archives

the Port Alice Cemetery (old town site and new)

Legion members and Rememberance day and bursary

CP west coast steamers Princess Norah & Princess Maquinna bring supplies in the early 1900s

early families in Port Alice

much more Vancouver Island North  history can be found at Brenda McCorquodale’s fabulous blog undiscoveredcoast.blogspot.ca

the Year in Pictures 2015