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  1. Drew Seigel says:

    How do I get ahold of the wharfinger or persons in charge of maintenance and project management for the floating infrastructure for the Yacht club, and the public marina?


    1. The wharfinger for the public marina is a seasonal position contracted by the Village of Port Alice … they can be contacted a number of ways … or (250) 284-3391

      the yacht club can be reached via the various board members for instance Pauline Steele (250) 284-6252

      hope this helps


  2. Carol Corfe says:

    Where could I obtain a list of ALL ‘Private Sale’ houses/condos/trailers in Port Alice? Myself and two others will be in Port Alice April 2nd to April 9th and are planning on buying retirement homes.


    1. this is an awesome request …we are actually hard at work on this list as we speak !!! At a meeting yesterday of the Alice in Action group this was identified as a high priority item !!! please send your email to and I will get some information out to you soon … I would love to meet with you when you arrive and perhaps organize a get together with some of our friendly locals !!! let me know if this interested you ??? BTW are you friends with K.S. here in town ???


    2. Carole I have followed up on your request and researched some links for you to current real estate listings in Port Alice … I have entered them on the real estate page found on our site …you can go to to view them … with housing this affordable … trying to find private sales might be less of an issue …but we are putting together a list for you anyways …


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