please use EXTRA CAUTION when visiting the PACG site which is under construction …  big thanks to Caleb M. for helping to put up all the CAUTION TAPE markers surrounding the property …


WORK WEEKEND lll happened in winter white & sky blue … dedicated volunteers continued working on the raised bed tier construction … see the whole PACG Port Alice Community Garden album here … the SOIL is arriving soon and we will need lots of wheelbarrows and shovels …  


The Volunteer Appreciation Event held on April 28 2017 in the Larry Pepper room was a huge success, check out the action by clicking on the link below … PHOTO BOOTH thanks to the many volunteers and donors in the community  … you can read the volunteer interviews prepared by the students, see lots of great…

VAE 2017 April 28

Join us this Friday April 28 for a Volunteer Appreciation event … 10:00 am – meet & greet and view displays … 11:00 am presentations, awards , door prizes , … 12:00 light refreshments

Port Alice Family Foods

Port Alice Family Foods gets a new sign for spring and many thanks to Port Alice Family Foods for donating so generously to the Volunteer Appreciation Event April 28 2017

First February Flowers

First week of February and the flowers have begun, Crocuses and Primulas blossom by the Seawalk Sign. Send your spring flower pictures to


FRESH & BREEZY NEW LOGO Today we are releasing our brand new fresh and breezy website logo created by Trish Weatherall owner/operator of The Assistant Business & Marketing Services

Call for Content

Welcome residents and visitors to our website celebrating life in Port Alice. We are extending an invitation to you to submit content, suggestions, stories, historical information, photographs and any other relevant information that you feel will promote Port Alice to our neighbours and visitors from near and far. you can email us at thanks…

Welcome to Port Alice Life

Welcome to Port Alice Life! This website celebrates the many reasons we as residents choose to live here or as tourists visit and then return. Many of us have chosen to move here after our first visits as curious travelers and amazed tourists. Getting here is an ADVENTURE, being here is a REVELATION!  Photograph by…