Welcome to Port Alice Life

Welcome to Port Alice Life! This website celebrates the many reasons we as residents choose to live here or as tourists visit and then return. Many of us have chosen to move here after our first visits as curious travelers and amazed tourists.

Getting here is an ADVENTURE, being here is a REVELATION! 

Port Alice 189 - Kayak Village View Postcard1
Darrell’s kayak on Frigon Islet

Photograph by Darrell McIntosh

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  1. We are very happy to discover the hidden hideaway of Port Alice. See you next summer. Absolutely beautiful. We will bookmark this site in our favorites.


  2. djmactrucker says:

    I’ve been here in Port Alice for 5 years now and have only scratched the surface of what the North Island has to offer. There is so much country, natural and wild country… with easy to reach beaches, secret hidden beaches, long sandy beaches like Raft Cove, beaches that serve up super surfing waves…. and on and on. Port Alice has from the start, and continues to give me that feeling of ” This is where I should be. ” Cheers, Darrell McIntosh


  3. Laurie Audrey Cameron says:

    What a spectacular place to live! Nature is abound! Keep up the good work ! Kevin and Laurie


  4. Sharon Zimmerman (neeFarnsworth) says:

    Oh my goodness, Port Alice residents…. I have no idea who lives there now….. Ron Farnsworth and I moved from there in 1974…. Ron died in 2009…. I am now happily married and now live on Manitoulin Island, ON…we live on Lake Huron on 100 acres…. I’ll always love the great expanses of water!!!
    Peace to each of you!!!! Sharon (Sandy) Zimmerman


    1. Nice to hear from you Sharon, we have a call out for submissions, so if you have any old photos or stories you would like share I’m sure there are lots of people here and from here who would love to see them hear them


  5. Dennis … yes the photographs (so far) are Darrell McIntosh’s, We are scrambling to get the credits entered! We are inviting photo submissions from all of our neighbours and visitors!!! So send us your favorite pictures and a story that goes with them to locals@portalicelife.ca and HEY thanks for the encouragement, this is our first great comment of what we are hoping will be many… the portalicelife team


  6. Dennis Hartford says:

    Are the photo’s Darryl Mackintosh’s??? Love them !! Keep it up It’s about time more of this becomes available to folks who have an affinity with the place, both old P.A. and new…Thanks…Dennis Hartford…


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