Raised Bed Numbering Signage

join us on Saturday March 24th at 4 pm at the COMMUNITY CENTRE to get involved, get information and to sign up for your raised bed … see the rest of the PACG album here


about 20 dedicated volunteers, SENIORS, FAMILIES & Friends showed up for work parties this week to get 31 raised garden beds filled with soil and ready for planting …


come out this Wednesday 10 am and Saturday 10 am to help get the soil into the raised flower beds … bring your shovels … see all the progress in the photo scrapbook

Getting the DIRT

the first load of “FISH & CHIPS”  arrives … Mike Balkie Contracting makes a first soil delivery – made up of composted fish & forestry waste, screened top soil and sand for drainage … organic certified


please use EXTRA CAUTION when visiting the PACG site which is under construction …  big thanks to Caleb M. for helping to put up all the CAUTION TAPE markers surrounding the property …


WORK WEEKEND lll happened in winter white & sky blue … dedicated volunteers continued working on the raised bed tier construction … see the whole PACG Port Alice Community Garden album here … the SOIL is arriving soon and we will need lots of wheelbarrows and shovels …  

Church Window Restoration

restoration of an old church window from the former Port Alice Golf Course property church has been completed …see the beautiful results at this week’s Heritage Fair at the Community Centre … February 15 2018, and view the whole project here


A second work weekend  and amazing progress is made on PACG Port Alice Community Garden … volunteers young and old show up to help build this amazing community project from the ground up! see all the pics from weekend 11  … the soil is coming soon, join us with wheelbarrows and shovels to help out…